This is the philosophy that has driven our SMEs:

"It is known that the best way to develop international business is by building relations and demonstrating the variety of our know-how in mechanics. We work in one of the EU regions most renowned for the mechanical and mechatronic production and supply chain, that is Emilia Romagna. We now have to do an effort to find ways to both develop international relations and share know how within the Hannover Messe 2019, by meeting foreign companies and business partners".

In that sense, the main goal of the companies that joined the Cluster is to develop international networking based on their specific know how of production and with the awareness of their ability of customisation and problem solving.

Mecworking in Hannover is

an highly specialized supply chain

offering codesign & costumization

performing high quality, know how, innovation

characterized by
cohesion & history
reliability & hospitality
glocal thinking
sense of community

These companies have asked their regional association, CNA Emilia Romagna to develop, in collaboration with the Emilia Romagna Region, a project with different actions that really enable and implement what they want.

  • To group and match the companies;
  • To analyze every single company to search product and synergic complementarity;
  • To present all the companies together in a collective stand
  • To organize business to business and networking meetings with international partners
  • To develop the animation of the stand

Let’s follow our mechanical passion!